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Medicaid Expansion A Must

With all of the debate going on regarding various health insurance proposals, one thing is abundantly clear –people are living longer and with that comes a myriad of associated health problems.  The baby boomers lead the charge in that respect.  The need for intermediate care, skilled nursing care and nursing home residence is growing daily.  With respect to the latter, my family recently had to endure long-term nursing care to the tune of over $3,500 a month.  Fortunately we were able to pool resources and cover the cost.  No way Medicare would pay for non-acute care and the patient made too much in the form of Social Security benefits to qualify for Medicaid assistance.  Clearly, the only possible assistance as far as long-term care is through the state Medicaid system.  The effort in Washington to reduce Medicaid support simply passes the buck to the states that by law have to (more…)

Limited Hours Makes it More Difficult to Meet in Person With SSA Employees

Did you know that the Social Security Administration is making it more and more difficult for you to take care of business face-to-face?  In fact, the SSA has reduced the hours it is open to the public to save money, closing earlier each day, and has begun closing its offices at noon every Wednesday.  In addition, over the last fiscal year the agency spent millions of dollars in taxpayer funds on overtime alone, and still has not been able to keep up with incoming cases.  The Congress has clearly indicated it will not appropriate anywhere near the funds SSA was provided under the one-time stimulus allocation, and additional overtime hours are likely not forthcoming.  Clearly, the situation will get worse before it gets better, and those who have applied or will apply for disability benefits should recognize that fact. (more…)

SSA Judges Lawsuit Was Inevitable

SSA Judges’ Lawsuit Was Inevitable   In April 2013 the SSA Association of Administrative Law Judges (AALJs) filed a lawsuit against the agency in Chicago U.S. District Court. As indicated in the AP article of April 23, 2013, there were a number of issues raised by the Judges including, but not limited to: inappropriate productivity “quotas”; the agency failure to address the degree of difficulty reality between approved and denied cases; and, overall questions as to the integrity of the hearing process in general, given SSA management practices. As is the case with any assessment of current SSA operations, there is a back-drop and a history to consider. At the risk of over-simplification, my perspective as a former 30-year SSA executive is that the Judges as a group has more often than not served as the last line of defense against White House and SSA Commissioner efforts to politicize the (more…)

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