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The Ponder Media Group also serves the corporate world. Specifically, companies have a vested and real financial interest in securing early approval of an employee’s SSA disability claim because:

 The sooner entitlement to federal benefits begins, the less cost to the company in the form of disability payments under its private plan, as outlined in our Open Letter to Human Resources Directors and Insurance Plan Managers. In addition, a company’s health insurance costs would be greatly reduced when the SSA claim is approved, because of its employee’s concomitant entitlement to Medicare coverage.


OpenLetter to Human Resources Directors and Private Insurance Plan Managers


Dear Sir/Madam:

My name is Fred Ponder, founder and CEO of The Ponder Media Group, a company specializing in disability consultation and advocacy.  While our clientele primarily includes individuals and non-profit organizations, our company also reaches out to businesses and corporate entities that have a direct and vested interest in our services.

Let me briefly explain how our services will save you literally thousands of dollars in private disability plan benefits or other administrative costs.  These rising “administrative costs” to companies include those costs related to the effort to recoup private plan benefits already paid employees once entitlement to Social Security disability benefits is established.  To wit, notwithstanding employee repayment agreements, increasing numbers of employees are choosing not to repay private plan benefits. This is resulting in increased litigation nationwide, with exorbitant legal cost associated with the matter.  In fact, legal costs will oftentimes exceed the amount in controversy and public sympathy for the “disabled” makes even the most blatant breach of contract subject to jury whim!

I would remind all business entities that appeal to the SSA on these kinds of matters, is futile.  More often than not, thousands of dollars in back-due benefits are payable once the case reaches the hearing level, but such payments are always made directly to the employee.   The SSA position is that it does not get involved in these types of “private” matters and the company has to look to the beneficiary for relief.  This problem that many businesses face, is definitely trending upward.

Chances are your company has some kind of disability payment plan covering your employees.

Our recent polling data reveals that most companies and/or insurance companies managing private plans, have a “tie-in” to beneficiaries’ entitlement to Social Security disability benefits – in other words the employee will receive private plan benefits until entitlement to SSA disability is established.  Most Social Security claims however, are not approved until the case reaches the hearing level.  Unfortunately the Agency is experiencing record backlogs as far as pending hearing cases are concerned and now and for the foreseeable future, processing time will approach two years.

Tellingly, the Agency has gone on the record during Congressional hearings to state even in an optimum environment where backlogs do not exist – it will take well over one year to process prospective claims through hearing!

Clearly, the most efficient and effective way for a business to ease its financial burden associated with these disability plan pitfalls, is to help its employees secure early approval on Social Security disability claims and avoid the dysfunctional appeals process.

The Ponder Media Group project is specifically designed to teach Human Resources personnel, and other lay-persons for that matter, how to prepare and perfect a claim for Social Security disability benefits before it is actually filed and in the same manner an Administrative Law Judge reviews a case when it is before him/her for decision.  Our protocols were developed over a four year period and included demonstration projects and focus group input.  The Ponder Media Group conducts training, seminars and lectures on the Social Security disability evaluation process and has developed a DVD outlining its strategy.

If you wish additional information on the services my company offers, please contact me on (404) 537-2210 or by email


Fred Ponder, Founder and CEO

The Ponder Media Group

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