Don’t Be Fooled About ObamaCare


Don’t be Fooled – Republicans Also Want to Force You to Buy Health Insurance Coverage

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (AKA Obamacare) originally sought to include the requirement that if an individual could afford to purchase health insurance, he/she would be required to do so. In fact, this commonly referred to INDIVIDUAL MANDATE policy position was initially conceptualized and previously advanced by Republican administrations and Republican Members of Congress! Those Republican supporters of the Individual Mandate however, have suffered a collective amnesia in their current announced opposition. Tellingly, they have systematically refused to explain their change in policy as far as the concept of Individual Mandate is concerned.

Clearly, the only reason conservatives reversed their support was because the President adopted the initiative. In other words, it was a change in policy cloaked by a change in politics.



I followed the Supreme Court’s deliberations on The Affordable Care Act. Interestingly, none of the attorneys pointed out that there is already an individual mandate in place that forces a person to purchase insurance (albeit for others in the form of the uninsured). That is, those individuals who pay an inflated premium to cover those who have no insurance are “mandated” to do so. Expectedly, these folks who are diligently paying premiums, are getting the short end of the stick, and are overwhelmingly middle class. Do you think hospitals that are required by law to treat those seeking care through emergency rooms actually eat those costs?

No way; hence the $5.00 charge for a Band-Aid, etc. In addition, the Atlanta newspaper actually quantified the cost to the insured. Even I did not understand the extent of overcharge by hospitals. The markup averages over 500% in the metro Atlanta area and as high as 700%. In other words, if an item actually costs $1.00 the hospital charges the insured $7.00 to cover its mark-up rate. The hospital then passes that overcharge on to health insurance companies that in turn pass the cost on to policy-holders by way of unfair and inflated premiums. In other words, there is no correlation between actual cost to the provider, and the ultimate charge for the product or service. Hospitals nationwide engage in this practice and no one is covering this scam perpetrated on those who have to pay insurance premiums.

Source: Atlanta Journal and Constitution, March 28, 2012

“Huge Hospital Mark-ups Burden Patients”

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