Medicaid Expansion A Must

With all of the debate going on regarding various health insurance proposals, one thing is abundantly clear –people are living longer and with that comes a myriad of associated health problems.  The baby boomers lead the charge in that respect.  The need for intermediate care, skilled nursing care and nursing home residence is growing daily.  With respect to the latter, my family recently had to endure long-term nursing care to the tune of over $3,500 a month.  Fortunately we were able to pool resources and cover the cost.  No way Medicare would pay for non-acute care and the patient made too much in the form of Social Security benefits to qualify for Medicaid assistance.  Clearly, the only possible assistance as far as long-term care is through the state Medicaid system.  The effort in Washington to reduce Medicaid support simply passes the buck to the states that by law have to balance their budgets; thus the states cannot shoulder the responsibility to care for its citizens by way of Medicaid expansion, and block grants and the like are a joke.  No matter how many slices you cut the pie, the sum does not increase.  Given the most recent proposal in Washington to cut back on existing Medicaid funds, much less expand current Medicaid coverage, puts the states and their Governors on the path to health insurance disaster.

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