The Social Security Good Guys Project – More Relevant Now Than Ever

THE SOCIAL SECURITY GOOD GUYS PROJECT – More Relevant Now Than Ever As Social Security Disability problems worsen, finger-pointing begins in earnest. During his testimony before the Congress in 2007, the newly-appointed Social Security Commissioner “promised” to reduce the number of pending disability hearing claims to 440,000 by 2013.  He also “promised” to reduce hearing case processing time to 270 days by 2013.  He prefaced these commitments by requesting additional resources to such ends.  Afterwards, in addition to its normal operational budget, another $500 million in Stimulus funds was provided SSA to reduce its disability workload.  However, the most recent statistics available by way of the Freedom of Information Act (as of September 1, 2013) show a pending level of almost 850,000 cases and average processing time of 389 days.  Even more disturbing is the fact both of these key workload indicators are trending upward and doing so despite the

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