When you gave a disability training session for Oak Clinic you encouraged applicants to file a disability claim in person and avoid on-line or telephone filing. I told you that I had already filed through the internet but had not received a decision yet, and that I had a representative. You informed me that I was responsible for making sure all evidence was collected and that I should personally make sure this was done. You emphasized that sometimes serious problems arise with not filing in person because of the paper intensive effort associated with disability claims, the chance for errors are increased and that many times available evidence is not secured from doctors who had treated me. Afterwards, I called my representative and insisted she follow-up with SSA to make sure all of the available records had been collected. We found out that only 2 of the 5 doctors who had treated me had submitted reports, and none of the specialists reports were in the record. We informed SSA of this error and contacted the doctors as well. We also learned there were misspellings of doctor’s names, all medications were not listed, and there were wrong addresses in the 11-page form we filled out over the internet and no one caught the errors! We corrected the errors and my claim was approved based on the supplemental reports. I learned you have to watch out for your own interests and not to rely on the SSA or the representative to do so!

Gwen D.



Gwen D.

I attended a disability seminar sponsored by TPMG last year shortly after my husband passed away. He was on Social Security disability at the time of his death. Although the seminar covered disability claims, I happened to mention that my husband and I had been taking care of our 11 year- old grandson since birth but unfortunately did not explore the possibility of filing for benefits on my husband’s account before he died. I had contacted a representative but was told our grandson could not file for survivor benefits since we did not adopt him before my husband passed away.

Mr. Ponder informed me that was not true and that Social Security was unique in the fact benefits for a dependant grand-child could be approved even when the adoption of the child was after the death of the wage-earner. Mr. Ponder even sent me the SSA rules covering such benefits and suggested I seek attorney consultation from a representative versed in state adoption rules.

I followed Mr. Ponder’s advice, and was able to not only get benefits for my grandchild but also benefits for me since the eligible grand-child was in my custody. Needless to say, if not for Fred getting directly involved in my case, I would have lost thousands of dollars in survivor benefits to which I was legitimately entitled!

Many thanks to The Ponder Media Group for its interest in my case!

Ruth H.

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