Medicaid Expansion A Must

With all of the debate going on regarding various health insurance proposals, one thing is abundantly clear –people are living longer and with that comes a myriad of associated health problems.  The baby boomers lead the charge in that respect.  The need for intermediate care, skilled nursing care and nursing home residence is growing daily.  With respect to the latter, my family recently had to endure long-term nursing care to the tune of over $3,500 a month.  Fortunately we were able to pool resources and cover the cost.  No way Medicare would pay for non-acute care and the patient made too much in the form of Social Security benefits to qualify for Medicaid assistance.  Clearly, the only possible assistance as far as long-term care is through the state Medicaid system.  The effort in Washington to reduce Medicaid support simply passes the buck to the states that by law have to (more…)


Fred Ponder July 2014 PLEASE SHARE THE POSTINGS I have gotten a lot of positive E-mail traffic on my last two Facebook postings! These items were posted on my personal FB page and The Social Security Good Guys FB page. These postings involved movie/television job opportunities in Atlanta (as high-lighted by the recent Atlanta Journal and Constitution article); and, refunds to borrowers of payday lender Ace Cash Express. This is a matter of public record, reported on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s web-site, and refunds are from a $10 million enforcement fund. Also, if you are an affected borrower, I don’t think you should rely solely on ACE Cash Express records to determine if you are entitled to refunds; check your own records. The movie/TV employment opportunities are not just camera-persons, actors and others normally associated with the industry, but there are dozens of support jobs categories open such as (more…)

SSA Doctors Revolt

TPMG BLOG Social Security’s War With Its Doctors – Unintended Consequences SSA is in a knock-down drag-out battle with its own cadre of contracted physicians. There have been a series of articles written addressing the issue including a November 21, 2011 Wall Street Journal write-up. The Ponder Media Group has verified the problem through its un-named internal sources. In addition to pressuring its headquarters doctors to, in effect, get paid less while producing more, similar “management initiatives” have been instituted at the state level. There are thousands of these doctors at the state level, many of whom have not actually practiced medicine in years or who have a very limited practice. A meeting was held at SSA Baltimore Headquarters with SSA senior management and 140 agency doctors. “Coincidentally”, a third of these physicians left the agency shortly thereafter. Some of the physician concerns include: A reduction in the pay rate (more…)

The Social Security Good Guys Project – More Relevant Now Than Ever

THE SOCIAL SECURITY GOOD GUYS PROJECT – More Relevant Now Than Ever As Social Security Disability problems worsen, finger-pointing begins in earnest. During his testimony before the Congress in 2007, the newly-appointed Social Security Commissioner “promised” to reduce the number of pending disability hearing claims to 440,000 by 2013.  He also “promised” to reduce hearing case processing time to 270 days by 2013.  He prefaced these commitments by requesting additional resources to such ends.  Afterwards, in addition to its normal operational budget, another $500 million in Stimulus funds was provided SSA to reduce its disability workload.  However, the most recent statistics available by way of the Freedom of Information Act (as of September 1, 2013) show a pending level of almost 850,000 cases and average processing time of 389 days.  Even more disturbing is the fact both of these key workload indicators are trending upward and doing so despite the (more…)

Limited Hours Makes it More Difficult to Meet in Person With SSA Employees

Did you know that the Social Security Administration is making it more and more difficult for you to take care of business face-to-face?  In fact, the SSA has reduced the hours it is open to the public to save money, closing earlier each day, and has begun closing its offices at noon every Wednesday.  In addition, over the last fiscal year the agency spent millions of dollars in taxpayer funds on overtime alone, and still has not been able to keep up with incoming cases.  The Congress has clearly indicated it will not appropriate anywhere near the funds SSA was provided under the one-time stimulus allocation, and additional overtime hours are likely not forthcoming.  Clearly, the situation will get worse before it gets better, and those who have applied or will apply for disability benefits should recognize that fact. (more…)

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